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Telling my story

I am passionate about helping others overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.  By telling the story of my own triumphs and personal tragedies I hope to help others who are facing difficulties in life, struggling to achieve their goals, or who just need to be inspired.  That's why I decided to tell my life story in a movie and book.  My story is one of success, failure, and redemption.  My podcast: SEA4: Southeast Asian Athlete Achievement > Adversity aims to tell the stories of other athletes who have overcome adversity to achieve their dreams.  Click on a photo below to learn more.

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Speaking & movie screening

What I enjoy most is making an impact by sharing my story with groups of people.  Especially with students, athletes, at rehab centers, and those facing adversity.  I am available to deliver my educational speech and movie screening program either in person or virtually.  My standard program includes an opening speech,  movie screening, Q&A session and book signing.  I am happy to customize this program to meet your specific group’s timeline and objectives.  Lets talk about your event.

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